Compliance in Security

Catch up. Keep up. Stay ahead.

During that first day on the job, you walk in as a CISO or CIO with a bit of swagger. You know you’re about to start on a fastpaced, high-stress rollercoaster. What you don’t know is where all the bodies are buried. Though you’re about to brief your big vision to the CEO, the Board, and to Regulators, that vision means nothing if you get breached tonight. So what do you do? Where do you start? From our experience as former CIO’s, the best approach is a Catch Up, Keep Up, and Stay Ahead plan.

Step 1: Catch up – immediately assess the security posture of your organization to understand the attack vectors that threaten your critical data, your most important business systems, and other assets that, if stolen or disrupted, will make you the next news headline. Once you’ve assessed the threat, surge your experts to immediately fix the misconfigurations and vulnerabilities that enable the attack, while also verifying the effectiveness of your security tools, processes, and policies.

Step 2: Keep up – now that the urgent threat vectors are understood and remediated, establish a Purple Team culture that continuously assesses your security posture to ensure you don’t drift back into the danger zone.

Step 3: Stay ahead – continuously look at your enterprise through the eyes of the attacker, focusing on specific attack vectors that align to threat intelligence.

Are you ready to respond to Ransomware? If APT29 is targeting your sector, can you detect and disrupt their known tactics, techniques, and procedures?

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